Sunday, 1 December 2013

Precious Sundays


Just stopping by to say a fond farewell to Storytelling Sunday. After three wonderful years of memorable yarns, it's creator has rung down the final curtain with a cracking tale that is the perfect reminder to us all to listen more carefully and take note of those small but oh, so important moments that happen every day. Write them down, record them in some way, so that they are never forgotten. Storytelling Sunday has given so many of us the opportunity to do just that and I will miss it greatly.

Thank you Sian for creating and inviting me to remember so many big and small occasions during the past couple of years during my participation. Sharing stories, feeling part of a group of lovely bloggers, has meant a lot to me.

The theme for Storytelling Sunday Three this past year has been Pick Your Precious. As this is the last one, I can think of nothing more precious than my family. These past few months have been enormously difficult ones and continue to be so. Life sometimes has a way of turning your world upside down and the things you enjoy the most have to take a back seat. I have felt the lack of blogging keenly but the living has had to be got through. Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans, sang John Lennon in a 'Beautiful Boy'. How true is this?

I recently celebrated my 68th birthday. My elder daughter took me out for afternoon tea with the grandchildren. How precious is this!


My younger daughter was too ill to travel, but I joined her and her husband in Kent a few days later and celebrated my son-in-law's birthday.

These are the people that mean the world to me. They are my precious.


So, a fond farewell Storytelling Sunday. Your stories will never be forgotten.

Hugs, Irene x