Friday, 20 September 2013

Curious Collections


During a recent stay with my daughter and son-in-law in Kent, I had the opportunity to visit the Turner Contemporary in Margate to see the exhibition Curiosity: Art and the Pleasures of Knowing. You can read more about it here. As a collector, I was fascinated by the diversity of the shown collections, everything from photographs to a collection of Rolodexes from the Center for Land Interpretation. I particularly enjoyed seeing five pen and ink studies by Leonardo da Vinci, a favourite being A cloudburst of material possessions in which household articles appeared to be raining down from the clouds. He drew this sometime between 1510-1513. The drawings were in amazing condition considering the paper used and their age. Can you imagine the journey they have been on? The tales they could tell?

In the foyer of the gallery were several sculptured pieces by the artist Juan Munoz: Conversation Piece III, 2001. They were arranged as though frozen in mid conversation. My daughter was greeted by one of the sculptures. 

Another delight of the exhibition was the opportunity to leave a message of curiosity and this wall of notes was a paper lover’s dream. It looks choreographed but people had just placed their messages randomly.

As we were leaving Margate, along the seafront I spotted a clock tower. I am rather late in publishing my Scavenger Hunt finds this year. The photographs are in my camera but several haven’t yet made it on to the blog and I must remedy that soon as the deadline is fast approaching... Here’s number 8, a tower, taken from the car as we drove by.

Be back soon. 

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alexa said...

How fascinating that his quirky and imaginative drawings lasted five hundred years on paper. I wonder if any of our digital stuff will last that long ... Lovely photo of the statue and your daughter too.