Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Around here


During this busy summer, I have spent quite a lot of time with the grandchildren. I am grateful for this precious opportunity for in a week's time, my grandson will be off to 'big' school with his elder sister. I can hardly believe it! Here he is on Graduation Day at his nursery.

A digital Project Life page using template B, Clementine paper and journalling card

While he was at Nursery part-time, I got to spend the occasional day with him; just the two of us. We had some lovely jaunts and plenty of time spent in the garden.

Lots of ball games with his sister too

While our baby looked on

She is desperate to walk and be able to join in the fun. 

Must get back to stitching on those name tags for my grandson's new school uniform. It's going to be an interesting time when he has to wear it as he has an aversion to buttons... but that's another story.

Enjoy the rest of the week. It's flying by!


Louise said...

your grand chidren look adorable. It's a big step to go to big school - hope he has fun x

alexa said...

The garden photos look idyllic - all that fresh air and those happy smiles ... Yes, I appreciate how precious even short times with grandchildren are too.