Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Around here


During this busy summer, I have spent quite a lot of time with the grandchildren. I am grateful for this precious opportunity for in a week's time, my grandson will be off to 'big' school with his elder sister. I can hardly believe it! Here he is on Graduation Day at his nursery.

A digital Project Life page using template B, Clementine paper and journalling card

While he was at Nursery part-time, I got to spend the occasional day with him; just the two of us. We had some lovely jaunts and plenty of time spent in the garden.

Lots of ball games with his sister too

While our baby looked on

She is desperate to walk and be able to join in the fun. 

Must get back to stitching on those name tags for my grandson's new school uniform. It's going to be an interesting time when he has to wear it as he has an aversion to buttons... but that's another story.

Enjoy the rest of the week. It's flying by!

Monday, 26 August 2013

August Simply a Moment

It is 2:20 pm on the 15 August and I am at our local hospital waiting for some blood tests to be carried out. In my heart, I am hoping that after today's tests, I will be informed that I will not need them for another year.

In my head is another story. I am thinking back to exactly a year ago today, 15 August 2012, and how much I was looking forward to a friend's visit. Our friendship spans 38 years and throughout that time we have shared much joy and sometimes sadness; we have watched each other grow through motherhood and latterly, my becoming a grandmother. 

During her visit, I confided in her about a personal matter that was troubling me. I remember being a little shocked by her immediate response but felt I needed time to reflect on her reaction. Her support on the matter was not how I had expected it to be, especially because she had been through a similar experience herself. The rest of the visit passed most pleasurably and she thoroughly enjoyed seeing all my family. I dropped her off at our local railway station and we parted, as always, the best of friends.

Moving on through this year, we continued to email and speak on the telephone whenever possible. She still stood firm on her viewpoint and I didn't let it affect our friendship... that is, until... during our last conversation in June she said something so hurtful and painful to me that we haven't spoken since. She has not apologised to me and as time has elapsed, I guess she never will. 

As I am sitting here, I am thinking about loss. The loss of a friendship that means so much to me. The difficulty this division has made to our mutual friends. I am hoping that by writing this down the hurt in my heart will lessen. There doesn't seem any possible way back now. Forgiveness is one thing, but I don't seem able to forget. It's a new sensation for me. Throughout my life, I have been able to accept that sometimes that's the way life is and moved on accordingly. I wish I could forget.

I think that Henri Nouwen, a Dutch Clergyman, explains friendship more succinctly 

'When we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives means the most to us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving advice, solutions, or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a warm and tender heart.' 

Although I am rather late joining in with Simply a Moment, I am grateful to Alexa over at Trimming the Sails to have this monthly opportunity to record this very personal Moment.  

Saturday, 10 August 2013

More Scavenging


While we were at the Eden Project that I mentioned here, I was able to capture a couple more photographs for the 2013 Scavenger Hunt.

Number 13 - a fence

Two of my three grandchildren loved standing on the platform that overlooked the whole Eden site. There were even peepholes in the surrounding fencing that allowed them different viewpoints. 

My other offering from that day is

Number 10 - a bench that is outside

This was the storyteller's bench upon which to sit while listening to stories. It contained carpets and lots of cushions for children to sit upon. 

There was another exciting seat at the Eden Project that doesn't qualify as either a bench or being outside but I am sure you would want to see it as it's quite magnificent.

Here it is

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and happy hunting.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Time to Scavenge

Last year was the first time I participated in Rinda's yearly Scavenger Hunt. I enjoyed it enormously and have looked forward with anticipation to this year's Hunt. I find that having a list of things to photograph ensures that I look more closely at what I am seeing through my camera lens, and that makes it all the more pleasurable.

This is my offering for Number 12 on the list: A cloud in the shape of something. We were asked to describe what we saw when taking the photograph. I offer up a feather

What do you see?

You can check out how to join in here. There is still plenty of time. The Hunt concludes on September 21. 

Until the next time, have a good week.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Sharing Storytelling Sunday

Time for me to get back on the blogging saddle. I have missed you all. It's Storytelling Sunday so no better time than this to hop on board.

Several things have occupied me since my last post. Family health issues; the ongoing internet saga; trips to Cornwall and Kent, to name but a few. For instance, had I been on line, recording my Simply a Moment on the 15 July would definitely have been of sitting in a consultant's office receiving the brilliant news that my youngest daughter did not have a tumour on her spine. She does still have considerable health problems, but we are all so very grateful that the spinal problem is not quite so serious.

When my eldest daughter asked if I would like to join her and the family for a week's holiday in Cornwall, I leapt at the chance. She and my son-in-law rented a farmhouse owned by an artist. The artist lived nearby in another property and she also had a huge barn where she held painting workshops. It was an idyllic location for relaxation and afforded me time to reflect on the past six months and the opportunity to look forward to finding time for a more creative future.

The white single storey building was my bedroom and it amused me that I am now an annexe girl both at home and away...

You could be forgiven for wondering what all this has to do with Storytelling Sunday. While in Cornwall, we visited the Eden Project. It wasn't our first time there but it was the first time I had seen it in all its summer splendour. Our previous visits had been during springtime.

While we were walking around, I spotted this notice board

and this rather magnificent storyteller's chair. My 6 year old granddaughter loves to make-up stories and was happy to test out the chair's magical properties. She came up with the following story. This month's Storytelling Sunday belongs to her. The Story is called The Amazing Pebble.

Once there was a girl called Strawberry. She was a pretty girl and when she put on her shoes they were too tight. So her mum took her to the shoe shop and bought her some shiny shoes. When she put on her new shoes there was a big POP! Out came a pebble. It was dazzling. She picked up the pebble and held it in her hands and there was a flash of light... And she turned straight into a dog and within a minute she had some puppies. One was parachuting and the other three were running around like maniacs. The puppies said hello and good bye and wagged their tails. Someone bought them. They lived happily ever after. And as for the pebble it vanished and was never seen again.

And that's my precious for Storytelling Sunday. It warms my heart how much my granddaughter loves reading and storytelling. If you would like to read more stories or, even better, join in, head over to Sian's blog at From High in the Sky. I promise you won't be disappointed.

I will be back later in the week with some of my 2013 Scavenger Hunt finds but in the meantime, happy storytelling.