Monday, 20 May 2013

Out and About

Every week, I have the opportunity to spend a day with my four year old grandson. He will be going off to school in September so I have been getting out and about with him. Just the two of us. No 'big' or 'little' sisters who might demand attention.

Last Thursday, we drove over to Hayling Island. I had hoped to take him on the steam train that runs along the seafront. Regrettably, it wasn't running that day, but there were plenty of other things to occupy us.

On the seafront, there is a children's playground next to which is an area designed and developed by adidas, the 'AdiZone' outdoor gym. These sporting facilities were inspired by Olympic and Paralympic sports.  

The playground was considered to be rather tame by my little Olympian. He just had to test out all the other equipment in the AdiZone.

To my amazement, he managed the whole circuit, struggling only with the climbing wall. He is so agile, he made it all look so easy... 

After all that activity, he really deserved his chocolate ice-cream.

On one side of the seat is carved Time and Tide and on the other, as you can see, Wait For No Man. I guess in this instance, I didn't mind waiting while this little man finished his tub of ice-cream. And I ate mine.

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Maria Ontiveros said...

What a wonderful way to capture that morning.

alexa said...

Super layout! I just love pages like these :). And your last photo would make a great page of its own! How lucky for your little grandson that he has a granny who not only spend quality time with him but records it too for him to remember later.

Barbara Eads said...

I love your layout---the simplicity of it! That's a perfect and fast way to record your day. Sometimes, I think we make memory keeping too complicated.