Friday, 10 May 2013

Change is Good

Throughout the lengthy process from when it was just an idea, getting in an architect and obtaining planning permission to the now finished build, of one thing I felt sure. It was and is the right decision for me to downsize. The fact that one of my daughters and her family are able to live in my house and I have only moved across the garden, could not be more perfect. 

It has been quite a journey. I have travelled the gamut of many emotions from start to finish but I never once doubted that the time was right for change. Getting older (hopefully!) is something we all face and I am happy and relieved to have made this move while I am still able to enjoy all the delights of being a parent and grandparent that are on offer, without the huge responsibility of running a large family home. When my third grandchild was born, it became obvious to my daughter and her husband that their home was becoming too small. We discussed at length our many options but always came back to the fact that we all love our family home and none of us wanted me to sell it. 

So here we are, still settling in and tweaking the furnishings, enjoying each and every moment. I have my privacy and they have theirs but we now only have to cross the garden to see each other. No vehicle required! 

My view has changed too as I look out across the garden with the added bonus that it is springtime and the trees and bushes are in flower. Change is definitely good... it is wonderful.


Sian said...

What a wonderful story. I can remember watching a Kevin McCloud programme on a lady who did this: it seemed like such a great solution. Not that I want to underestimate the upheaval - that's a big thing you've done- but, how grand! Sometimes I imagine passing this house on to one of ours when the stairs finally get too much. The very best of luck to you in your new home

Maria Ontiveros said...

We own the land behind our house. WE plan to build a smaller house on it someday for my DH and I to retire to.

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like a wonderful solution for you and your family! We are currently in the process of packing. There is just so much stuff from having lived 37 years in one home. We are throwing away, giving away, and being very selective of what we pack away. After that is done, we can put our house up for sale. We are ready to start our new life in South Carolina.

alexa said...

This takes great vision and courage too, Irene, and I am delighted that it works so well for you all! My dear daughter has always said since she was little that I could come and live at the bottom of her garden so I am keeping my fingers crossed :). Hoping for more lovely photos of your new home!