Sunday, 10 March 2013

Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.
                                                                     Robert Browning

Setting out on the adventure that is motherhood back in 1976, could never have prepared me for how I felt on that day in 2006 when my daughter delivered my first grandchild. I was overpowered with emotion. 

I was there... at the birth... in my home. Just her husband, two midwives and myself lost in the wonderment of witnessing my daughter giving birth. 

Here in the UK it is Mothering Sunday and, to celebrate the occasion, I have created digital pages of my three grandchildren that I am having printed and framed to give to my daughter. I have chosen to take a photograph from each month of their first year. 

 First granddaughter


Second granddaughter - to be continued!

When I was making up these digital pages, I was struck by how many similarities there are between the grandchildren in their first year. They are such individuals and yet, their lifeline appears so strongly. On that momentous day in 2006, I remember thinking a lot about my own mother, my grandmother and the many women that make up my ancestry, the remarkable continuity of life. 

Today, I would like to honour them all and to wish my elder daughter A very happy Mother's Day.

And, to Mother's everywhere, I wish you the happiest of days.


Elizabeth said...

Irene, they are simply beautiful as is your daughter. She looks a whole lot like you.

Sian said...

..and the same to you! Your pages really are special..what a gift they will be.

Louise said...

this is such a wonderful idea Irene. Happy Mothers Day to you x

Alison said...

Such a lovely idea Irene...I hope you've had a lovely day.
Alison xx

alexa said...

What a very beautiful idea and how special … I secretly long for my daughter to have a little one too!