Saturday, 15 December 2012

December Simply a Moment

Hello again. 

What can I say about the past few weeks other than the whole family have been terribly sick? It has taken all our combined strengths to assist each other through the misery that is a viral infection, a weekend spent in the hospital and countless sleepless nights, in particular for my daughter and son-in-law.

As it is now the middle of the month and time for Alexa's Simply a Moment, I thought I could share a few glimpses of some special moments that have taken place since December 1st. These moments are the ones that have carried us through. The resilience of children to bounce back from whatever ails them and the ability to make us all smile when sometimes, in that moment, it may have felt an impossibility. 

The elf is a new addition to the grandchildren's Christmas festivities. They are loving looking for him each morning and also for the small gift he has hidden. 

I managed to attend my grandson's Christmas Concert at his nursery; it was delightful and my first real taste of Christmas this year. The children were all dressed as though ready for bed and sang lots of festive songs. My heart just about melted when I could hear his sweet voice over the other children's. 

The star of the week was awarded to my granddaughter at school and she rang to tell me she is going to be Mary next week in the Nativity. This is very exciting news as my daughter, who always wanted that role but only got parts as an angel and a shepherd, can now enjoy watching her own daughter play the part. 

Our baby continues to thrive despite her recent set-back. Christmas will be even more special to have her share it with all the family. I am so very fortunate to spend so many moments with her.

Time now to put down my pen as my thoughts turn to Christmas Eve being only a short time away and that there is still a lot of catching up to be done. Those among you who are really organised will be horrified to learn that I haven't even written my Christmas cards let alone mailed them out. Definitely time to get my skates on, as my dear grandmother would have said.

Thank you for dropping in and to those of you who have emailed me during this hiatus, I really appreciate all your kind words.


Louise said...

sorry to hear you have all been poorly - nice words x

Elizabeth said...

Hopefully, all of your family will have recovered by Christmas Eve and you can enjoy all the activities. Enjoyed seeing your photo layout.

alexa said...

So pleased to see you pop up in my google reader, Irene! But sorry to hear about all the illness - so draining :(. Your lovely montage full of happy smiles is a great tonic, and I am touched that you have found time and energy when both are in short supply to join in this month. I am also miring littlest one in that lovely red jacket - did you knit it?

Sian said...

I'm just back on the internet after a break in service, so I'm catching your email thank you and will be answering as soon as

Love from us all here for your full recovery

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love how Alexa describes this as a montage of smiles - it's also a lovely montage of moments.
I need to do my Dec. moment soon.

Ladkyis said...

Thank you for sharing. The lovely pictures have brightened my day

Miriam said...

What a beautiful collage of happiness. I am so sorry that you have all been poorly, this winter virus is dreadful here too. Your moment is lovely. Take care Irene.

Alison said...

I do miss children's Nativity plays so glad you are all starting to feel better
Alison xx