Wednesday, 28 November 2012


For the life of me, I cannot remember where I read the Anne Tyler quote: Turning our ordered life topsy-turvey. It is, however, so appropriate for our family at present. 

All my grandchildren are ill with a nasty virus my granddaughter 'picked up' at school. She has been off school for over a week now; so unusual as she rarely gets sick. My grandson has a milder form of it, and there is hope that he may be able to go to nursery tomorrow. It rather looks like my daughter and son-in-law have the virus, and our baby (who has been back at the hospital for a tummy problem) is presently at the doctor's surgery as it is feared she too may have succumbed to the bug. If my dear daughter was feeling sleep deprived a couple of weeks ago, she now senses that was a holiday in comparison to the past two weeks. 

You may be wondering why I am mentioning this? It is my way of explaining an absence here on the blog but also to offer an apology for not visiting you, of late, dear readers to leave a comment. My mind has been elsewhere and my hands full as I have been at my daughter's house most days. How glad am I that we live in the same village and no transport is therefore required to pop round at a moment's notice.

On a very positive note, our baby is gaining weight. When she was at the hospital, they weighed her in at 8 lbs ... and here she is

She loves her Skip hop alphabet zoo activity gym from John Lewis

As topsy-turvey as life is, this little girl makes us all smile.

I am hoping to be back at the weekend and joining in with Storytelling Sunday over here. The theme for December is Coming Home for Christmas. I am sure there will be some fabulous homecoming tales to be read and and that the happy band of Sian's followers would love you to participate. We all love a story.

Until then, keep well!


Elizabeth said...

That's usually the way it happens...the oldest child in school brings home all the sickness. We had five in our family and once it hit the oldest, we all got it. The baby's photo is so sweet with her looking up at the camera. She's going to be a pretty child.

Sian said...

So sorry to hear about this. We've been slowing down here too, and the days simply seem to slip past, don't they? Fingers crossed that everyone is much improved for the run up to the holiday so that everyone can have the happy Christmas they all deserve

alexa said...

Ah, how wonderful to see her growing and blossoming like this ... Hoping everyone is better soon. Slow over here too. :)