Monday, 10 September 2012

Turning Six

It has been an eventful week for my granddaughter. Seven days ago, one of her front teeth started to wobble.  Back to school on Wednesday, to a new teacher and classroom, and still the tooth was hanging by a thread. On Friday, the tooth decided to stop wobbling and fell out. She dashed round to see me after school to show me the tooth and inform me that now the tooth fairy would be able to visit. 

Could it get any more exciting? Yes, it could. The very next day was her sixth birthday and her parents had arranged a disco party for her at a nearby Village Hall. 

Just setting up the Hall and showing off some moves

Mummy and daddy made a gingerbread house and toffee cake pops

During the school holidays, my granddaughter and I stitched together lots of bunting, using off-cuts from my patchwork and quilting days. It was such a lovely day, we wrapped some around a tree and it merrily fluttered as the children sat outside for their picnic lunch.

The DJ's, Peter and Paul, organised team limbo dancing, boys versus girls and then had them all dance backwards under the pole. Everyone joined in the fun. It was the best birthday party ever, said my granddaughter later that day. And you know what? I agree.

Thanks for popping in. Wish I could offer you a cake pop. They were delicious.


Sian said...

What a very pretty party dress she has too! Six is a good age to be.

laurie said...

oh, i sure would love one of those cake pops! i teach at an elementary school and there is nothing as exciting as when a tooth pops out! our nurse keeps a stash of tiny plastic treasure boxes in his office to hand out for this occasion!

thanks for stopping by my blog!

Alison said...

What lovely Birthday memories these will be!
Alison xx

Elizabeth said...

The children all look so adorable dressed in their finery. Love the whispering in the ear and all the other things children of that age do. Hope the tooth fairy left your granddaughter a little something special for her tooth.

Missus Wookie said...

Six is a very good age - that bunting looks lovely.

Ginger said...

Aww, she is so cute! Love the bunting and the gingerbread house :)

Abi said...

Aw bless. This looks so sweet and how lovely that you can make bunting and things together.

Amy said...

My six year old is quite determined to have a loose tooth - she checks regularly, but alas, they are firmly stationed happily where they are! The party looks as though it was a lot of fun, she has had a very big week!