Thursday, 6 September 2012

The best of friends

The arrival of my American friends coincided with a change in the British weather. Either that, or they brought with them some of the heat they have been experiencing in Rhode Island. We have been able to sit outside for lunch; the boys could play football in the garden, and we even managed to barbecue at my elder daughter's house. 

My granddaughter, who didn't start her new term until yesterday, was treated to lunch at a local hostelry and ordered the largest bowl of strawberry ice-cream I have seen in quite some time. 

Just before bed-time, the USA took on team GB in a race down the garden. I think it was a draw... though the grandchildren would probably have something to say about that.

Eat your heart out, David Beckham!

It has been four years since my friends were last here, around the time of my granddaughter's second birthday, and it's the first time they have seen my grandson. We met in Hong Kong in 1984, when our daughters - my two and their two - were similar ages, and now we are grandparents. My elder daughter is expecting baby number three in November and my friends' younger daughter, baby number two at the end of this month. We so wish we lived near to one another and could share our experiences. 

They have departed now for Buckinghamshire, and then London before heading back to the States. I miss them already. Although our time together was brief, we packed in those four missing years like they were yesterday. I guess that is what true friendship is all about, being able to take up again where you have left off, knowing each other well enough to really appreciate the time together. Time well spent.


Sian said...

Happy times!

Elizabeth said...

It is so nice to reconnect with friends. Maybe next time it won't be so long.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful they had time to visit.

Anonymous said...

wonderful memories.... loved every minute with you and family.your US friends!