Saturday, 1 September 2012

Saturday round-up

Having commenced a new series named Sunday round-up last week, here I am posting on Saturday. This Sunday, being the first one of the month, belongs to Storytelling Sunday over at From High in the Sky. I really enjoy a good story or two. Why don't you check it out tomorrow and join in? They are a great bunch of storytellers. 

On my flick round the blogging world this week, I found the following of interest. I hope you do too.

Monday's post by Rachael Taylor is about her ongoing ordeal with Marks and Spencer. I cannot believe they haven't yet resolved this matter with her when they clearly removed all the goods containing her design from their stores which, in my eyes, is tantamount to confirming their acceptance that the design was hers. She continues to suffer stress and financial loss at the hands of a Company who should know better. I have signed the Petition. Will you?

On TuesdayJessica Swift asked the question, What are you waiting for? This post was part of Tiffany Moore's list of Big Questions. Jessica writes about her shifting perception of how to be happy. I think we can all relate to this post.

I was surprised to read the post by Melody Ross on Wednesday about her feelings of insecurity. Being Brave comes in all manner of guises. Get well soon, Melody.

The Thursday interview on Smart Creative Women was with Roxanne Cerda, editor of Stash Books. If you have any thoughts on publishing your own creative book, Roxanne welcomes budding authors.

Friday's treat is a visit to Paper Pastries. I found this site by accident while looking for pencils for my arty son-in-law. I love all things stationery. Take a look at this cute site. How can you resist the Know it all pencil set? 'I before E except after C' leads me nicely back to September's Storytelling Sunday theme: Too Cool for School.

And, just for fun, here's the grandchildren on a recent day out at a funfair. 

 Michael Schumacher eat your heart out!

Have a great weekend.


Elizabeth said...

I like your Saturday roundup. I also love stationery sites and drool over notebooks.

Sian said...

Love the photo - we are big Schmacher fans in this house!

Your round up looks very tempting - I shall be returning for a browse as soon as I can..

..oh, and see you tomorrow, the :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

These are all really interesting. Thanks!