Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sunday Round-Up

Sometimes it is good to change one's outlook.

Thursday's blog post over at From High in the Sky certainly got me thinking. Sian is wondering about the 'perils of Pinterest' and voices her thoughts about 'finding her voice' and wanting to be the 'real' her. The post received some very interesting comments and I couldn't help but observe that around the creative blog world, similar views are being made.

Here are a few links to things I have read and listened to this week.
  • Occasionally, I pop over to Monica Lee's site Smart Creative Women and play one of her podcasts while I try to design patterns in Illustrator. There were a couple of interviews this week about blogging: Amy Anderson of Blog Brunch makes a couple of poignant remarks about having your blog show 'strong, original content' and not to 'let numbers drive your blog' and explains how Blog Brunch came about. And Laura Gaskill from Lolalina details how she grew her online audience into becoming a business.
  • Claudine Hellmuth wrote on Monday 20 August about Blog Envy. The piece reminds me that it's not just low key bloggers like myself who can experience self-doubt. It is true that we should all remember that 'what you see on blogs is a filtered view of someone's life'.
Plenty of food for thought, so thank you Sian for making me more observant.

On a different note, I would like to mention a couple of posts relating to surface pattern design:

  • Kelly Rae Roberts, on her blog, deservedly appoints Jessica Swift a Possibilitarian. Jessica is a very colourful surface pattern designer who has a remarkable success story. Her zingy patterns always bring a smile to my face.
  • I am sure most of you by now know that this week saw the launch of Moyo, the first ever online magazine dedicated to surface pattern design. Beth and Rachael have done an amazing job. You can check out the first issue here. 

And remember Shakespeare's words, This above all: to thine own self be true. I feel that is what most of us are trying to be as we write our blog posts. 

Happy Sunday listening and reading.


alexa said...

Some great links there, Gail, to explore at more leisure - and I like your Shakespearean quote. Indeed.

Elizabeth said...

I never thought I would write a blog but I am enjoying it very much. I probably could put more of myself into it and maybe I will--soon.

Alison said...

Great quote with which to end an interesting post!
Alison xx