Friday, 27 July 2012

Going for Gold

Seven years in the making, today the Games of the XXX Olympiad commence in London. The excitement is building as the Opening Ceremony is about to take place. For the next 16 days, the World will be watching, all eyes on the United Kingdom as new records are made, medals won.

If I may, can I direct you to the blog of Do What You Love? Beth's post today is about her involvement in the 2012 Olympics back in 2005 and what it means to her, and how the seed of an idea led to International Inspiration and how 12 million children in twenty countries have had their lives changed as a result. Do click here, it's an incredible read.

Enjoy the next 16 days, they will change lives.


alexa said...

Lovely photo - the Olympics can excite us all!

Louise said...

wasn't the opening ceremony fabulous! off to check out your link x

Alison said...

This was really interesting Irene.... I hadn't heard of International Inspiration!
Alison xx