Monday, 23 July 2012

Getting through the List

Hello, friends. The weekend provided an opportunity to take a couple more photographs to cross off my list. 

Luckily, the camera was to hand as I was in traffic passing the local library. Without causing any distress to traffic or traffic wardens, I managed to get this shot before moving on.

While out and about, I also popped into the cinema complex on the look-out for a movie poster. Not many films were advertised in the foyer, but I managed to snap this forthcoming film. I know nothing about it other than it stars Olivia Newton John (a member of staff told me when I asked!) who I last saw in Grease many moons ago. Let me know if it's worth seeing, won't you?  

If you are wondering about this List, check out Rinda's blog here; there's still time to join in the fun.

Wishing you a laid back Monday.


Amy said...

Well done for finding a few more photos, it is so exciting, well I find it is, when I come across an item for a prompt!

Elizabeth said...

So brave of you to snap the library photo while in traffic! I haven't heard of that movie either.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Interesting movie poster - haven't heard of it either.

Alison said...

No, I haven't heard of that one either!
Alison xx

alexa said...

You are clearly working your way through them - I've not even started ... Great shots so far, :)

Melissa said...

I like the library photo showing the posters in the window - great shot. I captured several items on a trip we just returned to & am hoping to post them in a few days (as soon as I get the 180+ emails processed & the laundry cleaned!).