Monday, 25 June 2012

Birthday Girl

It is my eldest daughter's birthday today. Happy Birthday darling!

 Her Christening in October 1976. Are those the largest glasses you have ever seen?

When she arrived in June 1976 four weeks prematurely and bearing her first tooth, I always knew she was going to take life on at a fast pace. My husband had a case in the Court of Appeal and had dithered about whether to leave me. I told him there was still another month to go, and not to worry. We lived in Yorkshire at the time so it meant an overnight stay in London for him. My mother came over from Manchester to spend time with me and as she was getting ready for bed said, 'Call out to me if anything happens'. I have often wondered if she had some sort of premonition.

What happened next was a comedy sketch in the making. At around 2:30 a.m. I awoke mum to tell her that my waters had broken. She was in shock. I went to telephone for an ambulance, rang my husband and took her up a cup of tea. I then packed a bag and when the ambulance men arrived, they had to calm my mother down, she was so upset. It was her first grandchild and I believe she was so anxious that the baby was early, she couldn't control her emotions. She tried to climb in the ambulance, but wasn't allowed to accompany me. Off I went to hospital and throughout the labour, I continually called home but there was no reply. So there I was, giving birth but worrying about mum. Although it was June and very hot during the day, that night there was a freak frost and I had the image of her falling over and no-one around to find her on the pathway. All ended well. When my husband arrived back from London the next day, she told him she had been wandering around the garden unable to sleep and hadn't heard the telephone. How different it was back then in the 70's. Only my husband would have been allowed to come with me to the hospital; no mobiles to enable me to be in constant touch; and because I was in bed, only a trolley pay phone as a means of reaching home. I had to borrow some money from one of the nurses to use it!

The Christening of my first grandchild

When my daughter delivered my first grandchild, it was in my home with her husband, myself and the midwives. It was such a privilege to be there. I sense that my own mother would have loved that feeling too, for she loved being a grandmother as much as I do.

And on this special day, my daughter is still in the fast lane for she has a Festival to run in Portsmouth and the family celebrations will have to come later. I am so very proud of all her achievements and how, even when things get tough she still manages to overcome difficulties and give to whatever she is involved in more than one hundred per cent. I admire the empathy she shows to those less fortunate than herself, her unflagging energy, the friendships she maintains, and her love of family life.    

Have a fabulous day dear daughter. You are so very special. We all love you.



Alison said...

Times have indeed changed Irene! Happy Birthday to your daughter
Alison xx

Sian said...

What a lovely post! A wonderfully entertaining story to read and those pictures - gosh, I remember glasses like that too.

Hope the birthday is a great one!

Louise said...

enjoyed your story and times have changed haven't they. My mum was at the birth of my children yet my own father wasn't allowed at mine lol!!