Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Bad Day/Good Day

Let's start with the bad day, then things can only get better...

It rained heavily all Sunday night. Switching on my computer around 8 on Monday morning it said this

Mostly cloudy? The reality was this

My driveway was completely flooded and looked like a lake. A phone call from my eldest daughter confirmed that all roads in and out of the village were flooded and having struggled to drop my granddaughter off at school, there was no way they could get my grandson to nursery. Could I look after him? Of course I could. So he and I had a splendid rainy day indoors pretending to be Cloudbabies, one of his favourite tv programmes at the moment. He said that it's really for babies, and he is 3, but he likes it and I agree. Anything that sets the imagination going, is fine by me. We had lots of baby blankets on the floor (pretending to be clouds) and we hopped around them. 

When I arrived back from Kent recently, I had a parcel awaiting me. Alison of Life in the Slow Lane had sent me Mail Art. I was overwhelmed by her generosity.

How delightful is that? She said in her accompanying note that 'art is not her forte' but I would disagree. The Mail Art Exchange is the brainchild of Ginger over at Ginger's Life of Spice. You can read about here. The theme for this Exchange was Words and I think that Alison has captured the concept beautifully. How did she know that I love notebooks and quotations? It's a dream gift!

Have a good day. x


Alison said...

So glad you liked it Irene
Alison xx

Sian said...

I suspect that grandson of yours would say that the rainy day was ALL good!