Sunday, 15 April 2012

Time for a Celebration

Sometimes we take things for granted. Like driving. Most of us drive and own a car. My younger daughter has driven and had a car since she was eighteen. When she met her future husband at University he didn't drive and as she did, they always had their own transport. It was only later that I found out he had tried a few driving lessons but hadn't felt confident in the driving seat. Over the years, he had a few more attempts at driving but never continued. That is, until his wife, my younger daughter became ill. Oh, how he wished that he could drive her car each weekend when he came to visit her. Regular readers will be aware that I have been looking after her for over a year in my home because she couldn't manage the stairs in her own.

After many long and expensive train rides every weekend between Kent and Sussex, earlier this year he decided it was time to get behind the wheel again. He tried some lessons at home in Kent, but then switched to having them in Sussex where he felt more familiar with the roads. He booked his test to take place while here during the Easter holiday. 

It was a very grey morning on the day of the test but as the hour approached, the weather improved and out came the sun. Was it an omen or more likely his determination to succeed and put his driving demons behind him? He passed. First time. We are all so proud of him. 

We are all still smiling.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. And take care on the roads.


Sian said...


Having watched my own Mum's ability to drive disappear as her MS progressed, I have always tried not to take driving for granted. It's a gift to be thankful for

Alison said...

So pleased for him....and I hadn't realised your daughter was unwell-warm wishes to yourself and her!
Alison xx

alexa said...

What a cheering story to read today! About determination and love. :) Many congratulations to him, and thinking of you also as you care so lovingly for your daughter.

Anonymous said...

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