Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Hunt is On

Can you believe it? The Easter weekend passed by in a flash. There were family meals, discussions on the meaning of Easter. Surprise at the high percentage of children who believe that Easter Sunday is the Easter Bunny's birthday. ('Well, isn't it?' said my son-in-law, always one to tease me!)

Some much needed rain arrived and scuppered any chance of our Easter Egg Hunt taking place outside. The children probably wouldn't have objected to wellingtons and raincoats being donned, but the grown-ups didn't seem to keen. As it turned out, it was rather fun indoors and the children thought it a great game and hid all the eggs for their Aunt and Uncle to find. Uncle's parents gave them a couple of egg and spoon race sets, that caused much hilarity as they raced up and down the sitting room.

Caught in the act; hiding under the dining room table 
Such speed!

Seeing the grandchildren in such high spirits, took me back to when my two girls were small and how much they enjoyed an Easter egg hunt. It reminded me of when we were living in Hong Kong and it wasn't easy to get hold of any Easter eggs. There was a N.A.A.F.I. at the China Fleet Club that sometimes had them shipped in and if word got out that a shipment Had arrived, it was like the blitz with queues of expats out the door. Actually, not that different from Waitrose this weekend, but that's another story...

Hope you had a great time spending it with those you love.

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Sian said...

We had fun too! Funny, we were just talking yesterday about how the selection of eggs in the shops round here has dwindled dramatically over the past few years.