Sunday, 4 March 2012

What's a Dot between friends?

About five years ago, a friend of mine was visiting her daughter in France. The daughter and her family had just moved back there after a working stint in Africa and were not yet on line. We arranged that I would email her via her son-in-law (who I will call Fred Bloggs for the purpose of this story), which I duly did a few days later.  

Imagine my surprise when I received an email from someone informing me that he was Fred Bloggs but not my friend's son-in-law. The gentleman writing to me said that he couldn't help observing from my email that I was about to visit Leicestershire for my godson's wedding and asked whether I was from those parts. I wrote back to let him know that I had, in fact, missed out an important 'dot' in the email address. He was FredBloggs at and I should have addressed it to Fred.Bloggs at I also said that I did indeed know Leicestershire well having lived and worked there in the 1960's. He wrote back again and we established that not only had we lived in villages next door to each other, but the village pub had been our regular haunt and, more importantly, we knew one another!

Move on to a couple of months later, and the friend who had been in France was now in hospital in Hampshire. Another friend offered to accompany me to the hospital to see my sick friend. We were stuck in an horrendous traffic jam on the M3 and to while away the time, I told her the story of the missing 'dot'. She asked me what was the name that had caused all the confusion and when I told her, she informed me that she knew the Fred Bloggs without the dot as her daughter had dated his son. For once in my life, I was speechless!

So be careful where you place the 'dot'. You never know where it might lead to.

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