Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Sum interesting Facts and Figures

For Julie's Month in Numbers, I am stepping back in time. During the month of February, my blog has had a family history feel about it due mostly to this anniversary. While sifting through some family boxes looking for photographs for that blog post, I found a collection of old coins that fascinated my grandchildren.  

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In a recent post here, Alexa shared a gorgeous layout and offered the hexagon shape as a free download. It was an opportunity too good to miss. I love hexagons and I had been thinking for some time how I could use the chalkboard paper collection from Kitchy Digitals. Then it hit me that they were both perfect for this project. An added bonus is that Julie has been running a Month of Sunrays on her blog during February and, although I haven't been participating, I thought it a good idea to offer up this splash of yellow before the month runs out.

I haven't blogged as much as I had intended this month. A variety of illnesses struck most of the family for the past couple of weeks. My elder daughter broke her little toe. Her foot was blacker than the blackboard above. Both grandchildren have terrible coughs and have been off school and away from nursery. One of my son-in-law's also has the bug. I had a chest infection for two weeks but on a brighter note, my younger daughter is now on a steady 10 mg a day dosage of her steroids. 

Let's hope March leaps into action and clears away these winter germs. We sure could do with some spring around here!


Julie Kirk said...

What a fabulous take on the idea - I love it!! And, once again, your presentation of your numbers is so stylish.

Thanks for joining in, you're on the board now: and I'll add you to the sunrays board in a moment too.

I hope your family feel better soon.

Julie :-)

Sian said...

Funny how a whole host of illnesses always seem to come along at once! I'm hoping the hint of Spring in the air will help everyone feel a lot better soon.

Amanda said...

Great minds must think alike eh! I love the combination of the hexagons with the chalkboard.

Here's hoping you all feel better soon.

Effie said...

Love your hexagons... A great idea.
Yes mine is in an album the same as this one

Ruth said...

The hexagon idea is great! Sorry to hear that so many of your loved ones have been poorly.

alexa said...

Hoping you will be feeling better soon, and all of your loved ones too ... I'm thrilled you found a use for the hexie, and your page is so artistically done :).

Nathalie said...

I loved Alexa layout and I love yours!!!! The blackboard idea is genius and the Hello sunshine tile is to die for!!! So glad I stopped by :)

Kirsty.a said...

Lovely page. We've still got The Cough too!

Nanna Kate said...

This is fantastic, I love the look of that chalkboard paper! How very talented are you!? X