Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Oh to be 3!

This little boy likes watching Octonauts on Granny's computer, usually on a Wednesday.

This week, Granny is missing him as she has a chest infection. Luckily, she was able to spend time with him last weekend, as this little boy turned 3. His parents organised a Pirate party in the local village hall. Here is an overview

This little boy had a wonderful time, though refused to dress up as a pirate! There was a magician, who taught the pirates and pirate girls how to spin plates and the birthday boy a few magic tricks. This little boy's Uncle and Aunt made and painted lots of artwork to decorate the room. This little boy's cousin came to the party from Wales, despite the awful weather. This little boy's friends were wonderful pirates and tucked in to a delicious tea.

This little boy's daddy made orange jelly boats and his mummy made a fabulous galleon birthday cake.

This little boy is loved so very much by his Granny. 

Back soon with more family tales. In the meantime, keep well and warm wherever you are.


Sian said...

What a lovely post :)

alexa said...

Hope Granny is better soon ... and love the montage on 9 photos, each group of 3 at a different level - super!