Friday, 3 February 2012

Leap Year!

February already. Must be time for a new banner and time to reflect on love. It is a leap year after all. How will you be spending the bonus day at the end of the month?  Time also to remember all you folk who only get to celebrate your birthdays every four years on the actual day. But I digress... 

I am most fortunate to have the photographs I have used for this month's banner. They show Parents, Grandparents and Great Grandparents. What's truly amazing, is being able to show my grandchildren a photograph of someone who is their Great Great Grandparent, and that only came about because of someone's kindness in sharing it with me. More about this on another day.

Here are the Grandparents on their 44th wedding anniversary in 1952 

During the month of February, I hope to re-visit this family theme and our ancestors. As someone mentioned to me recently, We are nothing but for them.

Happy leap year month.

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alexa said...

So true ... and it reminds me to try (yet again) and get my parents to name everyone on their old photos.