Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A mixed bag of a blog!

You may have observed that I have changed my blog banner for the month of January. The snow scenes were taken in my garden last year and the wonderful sunset is of a local beach at the beginning of the year. Our weather has certainly been varied so far this winter; gales one minute and bright sunshine the next! 

Over on Sian's lovely blog, I read a post about recording your month in numbers. The original idea comes from Julie Kirk of notes on paper. Julie has been blogging her months in numbers since January 2010. If you are interested in this concept, why not pop on over to her site. If you click on [Months in Numbers] in her top header, she has written a really interesting tutorial on the 'How to' aspect of noting down those numbers. You can also blog hop and see how others write about their month in numbers. There are some great reads. I am going to give it a go this month. I think this idea is a unique way of recording daily events and will definitely add a new dimension to my story. 

Speaking of stories, do you remember the other day I mentioned we all went to see The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe on Boxing Day at our local Theatre? It was a superlative performance, quite magical and very imaginative. The sets were amazing! My grandchildren were enchanted, and although initially a little fearful when the Witch (Queen) appeared, sat throughout the whole performance eyes glued to the stage. The production obviously stirred my five year old granddaughter's imagination to such a degree that during the Christmas holiday she treated my daughter and son-in-law to her interpretation of The Lion, The Witch and the White Wardrobe! She had managed to remember all the words of the song Turkish Delight, though Edmund only sang it once in Act One. Her three year old brother also starred, throwing himself into a variety of roles, with the help of his big sister.

 Here's the princess practising her curtsy 

And the prince yesterday digging up the garden!

Busy day ahead. The granddaughter is back at school and it is my day for looking after the grandson. I wonder what mischief he is going to get up to today? Life's never dull when he's here; he is a real entertainer!

Have a good day.


Julie Kirk said...

I think your great new blog header has been inspired by your trip to Narnia!

Thank you for the lovely mention of Month in Numbers, I hope you enjoy blogging them.

Julie :-)

SueC said...

I adore the photo of the prince LOL He looks like he has had a lot of fun x