Tuesday, 17 January 2012


This past weekend, my younger daughter had a friend visit her at my home. They have known each other from school days; over twenty odd years. They don't see each other that often but when they met up, it was as though it had only been yesterday that they last saw each other. 'V' had heard that my daughter was ill and just wanted to see her.

We all appreciated her taking the time to visit. She doesn't live nearby and leads a busy life teaching primary school children. It was a tremendous boost for my daughter. I haven't heard her laugh so much for a long time. 'V' has a wicked, dry sense of humour and entertained us a lot and I can't thank her enough for being such a good friend to my daughter.

This visit got me thinking about friendships and what they mean to me. During the time I have been looking after my younger daughter, my friends have seemed to be in two camps. There are those who support and encourage me while I look after her, and sadly, some friends who feel I do too much and therefore do not have the time that I once did, to spend with them. I find that I have been surprised and a little disappointed in their reactions to this illness. I value my friends a lot. We have been through life's happiest times and some of our lowest and I have always thought that we would be there for each other whatever the circumstances.

The one's who do support me are true friends. Like my daughter and 'V', no matter the gap between the times of seeing each other, we always take up where we left off and I feel so much stronger and happier for having them in my life. You know who you are and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your friendship.

Until next time... x


Sian said...

Well said!

Vic said...

Lovely! Great to see you all and delighted to know that my sense of humour is appreciated! V x