Monday, 12 December 2011

Santa's gone AWOL!

A few photographs from the visit to Santa that tie in nicely with day eleven's prompt about Christmas Trees for JYC. For the past couple of years, the grandchildren have visited Santa at the Kennels, on the Goodwood Estate. One of my joys is seeing the Christmas tree in the entrance hall and all the doggie bowls put to good use around the tree.

At the party, there were colouring in activities
Santa's grotto was a surprise. Santa had sent along Mrs Santa! Luckily, my granddaughter was not phased by this at all and explained to me that Santa was very busy and Mrs Santa was helping him out this year. 
 My grandson was not so sure but he loved his gift. 
 And I think my granddaughter did too!
She took the matter of feeding the bear very seriously.                                         

Where's the Christmas tree, you may wonder? Waiting for me to get on with that journal page! 

Have a good day!

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