Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Christmas tree bliss

Here are days 10 and 11 of Journal your Christmas. Although my album has a blue, yellow, brown and white theme this year, there is no escaping the red and green all around us. And I do love these colours but I wanted to try something different this year. I searched around for a blue tree, I really did, but my heart kept taking me back to this one.

elements by Carina Gardner

The wrapping paper is another story. I would love to be able to design my own this year. With some of my new found skills from the Surface Design Course, I may give it a try! 

The course ended this past weekend and today it felt so strange not having my daily injection of inspiration. Each day it came at us in bucketfuls, new ideas, new ways of thinking outside of the box. The quality of teaching was outstanding. The coursework contained absolutely everything connected with pattern. There were bonus technical workshops, interviews with designers, an amazing group of women on the course, nothing was ever too much trouble for either Rachael or Beth. They both willingly encouraged us on and stretched us to go further. I can't wait for the next module to commence, though I am glad of the five or so weeks until Module 2. I need time to draw, time to learn more Photoshop techniques, time for inspiration. 

There is no better time than Christmas to see colour in abundance and patterns galore. And speaking of patterns, I must share with you this cute drawing of my granddaughter's that we have made into her Christmas card this year.

Isn't it great!

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Sian said...

It's really, really great :)