Thursday, 8 December 2011

A Christmas Tale

Day six of JYC is headlined A Tale of Two Christmases. This very thought provoking prompt set me down a path of contemplation of how life would be without my two daughters. You see, they are a large part of my life and we are tremendously close. And I love them to bits, but that goes without saying! I was wondering how best to show that in my journal without it seeming too sentimental when I alighted upon this photograph of them and then I knew just what to write. Here it is 

Spent a fun day looking after my grandson yesterday. As his vocabulary is growing so are his singing skills. I think he must be in rehearsal for a Christmas production at his nursery as he was very tuneful at times. We spent quite a bit of time with his crayons too. He likes me to print pictures off the computer of his favourite characters and then we colour them in together. Lightning McQueen seems to be top of his list at the moment and I think there may be quite a few requests for Mr Lightning to Santa this year. 

Isn't he cute?

Have fun!

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