Saturday, 10 December 2011

Chasing my the old saying goes!

It has been another busy week. I would like to report that Santa's grotto is bursting at the seams, the decorations are up, Christmas carols are playing quietly in the background... but alas, this is not the case. Here is day 7 of JYC and it is about lists. I have a lot of those with not too many ticks showing presently.

 Digital downloads from Carina Gardner as before

I did finally manage to print my cards this week and consider that a major success. There was a little help (well actually rather a lot of help!) from my youngest daughter who managed successfully to get my design the right way up and in the right position on the card before printing them off for me. 

On Friday, I attended my granddaughter's sharing assembly at her school. It is such a privilege to be involved in her day to day activities. The assembly was really interesting. Several children from each class year came forward to show what projects they have been working on that week. The elder children have been making WWII albums as part of this term's curriculum, and as I have an interest in family history, it was great to see how involved the children were with the project. They had family photographs, had interviewed grandparents, drawn maps and become thoroughly immersed in remembering and honouring their ancestors. This week was also a very special one for my granddaughter as on Thursday, she was awarded a gold star, given to her because she had shown kindness to another pupil. She is always a star in my eyes!

This weekend, we are off to visit Santa. My two year old grandson was very apprehensive last year so it will be interesting to see his reaction this year. I will be sure to take my camera to catch all the action!

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Have fun with Santa :)