Friday, 18 November 2011

Playing with Patterns

On Wednesday when I picked up my Granddaughter from school, she had with her the Explorer's bag. These bags are sent home weekly by the school and contain items that are both educational and fun to teach the children skills like observation and colour. Last week, the Explorer's bag contained a box of plastic bugs, two spy glasses and some binoculars and we had an hilarious hour hiding the bugs around the house for her and my grandson to find. 

By some happy coincidence, this week's Explorer's bag contained a box of shapes for pattern making. On the Surface Pattern Design Course, we have been going back to basics, looking at shapes and drawing aspects of the shape to help us look at things in a different way. What could be better than sitting with my grandchildren watching them make patterns and discussing what the shapes were called. My granddaughter made lots of flowers and her younger brother was very experimental and made a battle ship! 

 this is fun, granny!

his 'butter wouldn't melt' look!

Meanwhile, on my course we have started some drawing exercises and finding out how to manipulate them on Photoshop. In a good way, I am repeatedly overwhelmed by the content of the course; it is more than I ever could have wished for and more!

a leaf - starting to draw!

Tomorrow is my eldest daughter's 7th wedding anniversary so I am off for a spot of babysitting. Happy Anniversary to you dear daughter and son-in-law! 

Enjoy the weekend!


Helen said...

Thanks mummy x x

Sian said...

Just look at those cute faces! I love the idea of an explorerers bag - it's very inventive.

humel said...

What a fabulous idea - I shall suggest it to my colleagues :) Love how it encourages their imagination!