Monday, 14 November 2011

Being Inspired

Just lately, I have noticed that quite a few of the blogs I regularly read have mentioned that they feel their blog is in a rut; they lack inspiration; don't know what to write about. Some bloggers want to give up altogether! I hope they don't because everyone has something interesting to say, or a wonderful photograph to show, or a page that they have scrapped, a picture they have drawn or painted. I have been thinking about this over the weekend and wondering why they have become disillusioned. 

In my case, I have found keeping a note book helps. I am sure many bloggers do that too, some are even organised in their diaries with topics for each day, maybe for a week ahead. I did that last week when I knew that I was going to have a week of remembrance. It helped enormously to know ahead of time who and what I was going to blog about.

So where do we find that inspiration? Probably from reading someone's blog, a recent family event, an on-line class, a workshop, the season, a magazine, a photograph. The list is seemingly endless and yet we find ourselves stuck for something to say! 

Last night, I watched the Antiques Roadshow which came from the National Memorial Arboretum which I mentioned here. I was interested, on listening to all the stories and seeing items brought along by participants to the programme, that it wasn't the items that struck a chord, but the story behind them; that handwritten letter was far more precious than anything else and when read out caused such emotion for the reader and the expert. I can relate to that so well. The few handwritten letters I have of my ancestors mean so much more than possessions. A family photograph of my ancestors is priceless. 

Can you imagine how I felt when I saw this small photograph and documents at the National Archives. This is Uncle Tom as a teenager starting out on his life's voyage. Who could have believed his life, though short, was one of such incredible adventure and that, here am I in 2011, through technology, able to blog about him and share the emotion I feel whenever I am reminded about his story.

I guess what I am trying to say is that a few words written down, a photograph shared can inspire and while it may not, at the time, seem important or of relevance, somewhere down the line one's own family and friends will be grateful for those words, to see that photograph, to know that my hand drew that picture and that is what inspires me to blog.

Enjoy your Monday and keep on blogging! 

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