Friday, 7 October 2011

This and That

Following on from yesterday's family history visit, I would like to share a couple of scrapbook pages from an 'a-z' series I commenced some time ago called 'Me: the abridged version'. The format comes from Cathy Zielske who occasionally has a class at Big Picture Classes. The class created an opportunity to journal stories about me. Here are pages 'b' and 'c'. 

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The digital background papers I chose are from Jessica Sprague's StrawberryLemon collection and Katie Pertiet's Letterbox collection.

These journal pages have provided a place for me to write those stories that otherwise might have been forgotten. They also opened up to me stories that I may never have told but for the nudge by Cathy of a topic each week that awoke a certain memory. For instance, writing about Carole King's song 'Tapestry', reminded me about a family piece of tapestry that I hold most dear. It was embroidered in 1841 by an ancestor aged 12. The sampler is whole, but in quite a fragile state. Given it's age, and the kind of life it has spent, it still amazes me that I can see it in it's entirety! I chose a part of the sampler that contains the alphabet to place on the 'c' page; here is the whole sampler.

At some stage, I propose taking it to the Royal School of Needlework to ask their advice on how to preserve it from any further deterioration. My soul still soars when I look at it, thinking of those 12 year old hands completing something of such intricacy in 1841. 

Another weekend is upon us. The grandchildren were here yesterday. Before I go, I must also share with you a couple of photographs of my grandson that will bring a smile to your face.

Isn't he gorgeous. I just love him to bits!

Enjoy the weekend! x

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