Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Proud Granny!

Last week, my granddaughter mentioned that she had been chosen by her teacher to be on the school council.  She is 5 years old and has just started school. Bemused, I asked my daughter, what does this mean?  It turns out that indeed she is the student who has been elected by her teacher onto the school council and who will represent the views of all pupils in her class on how to improve the school. Not only that, she was given 'star of the week' on Friday!

None of the above comes as a huge surprise. She has been asking 'Why?' since she learned how to say mummy and daddy, and please and thank you...

as this digital page I scrapbooked back in 2010 reveals!  She is also her mother's daughter, as I was reminded by my daughter's godmother on Saturday.  

When my daughter was about my granddaughter's age, she too was appointed class monitor (no school council back then!).  She took the role very seriously, arriving home daily to entertain us with tales to rival those of 'the naughtiest school boy'. I am looking forward to hearing about my granddaughter's experience of 'being on the council' for she is just as imaginative as her mother!  Seriously, I am very pleased that she has settled so quickly into school life and her teacher has placed such confidence in her abilities.  Well done, granddaughter.

Wishing you all a happy Tuesday x

PS The digital page is a jessica sprague template from her Photoshop Friday series.

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