Monday, 31 October 2011

Oh! I do like to be beside the seaside

This past week has been a lot of fun. As it was half term, my younger daughter's husband (a teacher) was able to spend time with her and that gave me the opportunity to take a break with my elder daughter and family on the Isle of Wight. There was much laughter; quite a bit of sunshine; lots of eating and drinking; car rides, train rides, boat rides; several beach expeditions; stories and singing; a visit to Osborne House;  Mexican domino games; and plenty of time to photograph the grandchildren. Here are just a few of those moments :

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If you ever find yourself on the Island, I can thoroughly recommend Baywatch on the Beach, a seafood restaurant by the water's edge at St Helens. It's a delightful spot. You can watch boating activities; look for sea shells; check out rock pools; take a walk along the seafront and all the while, enjoy delicious fresh seafood. Yummy!

On Saturday morning before we caught the ferry home, a Birthday breakfast was served to me. What a surprise!  As it was too early for birthday cake, the family made me a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel cake and the grandchildren helped blow out the candles. My granddaughter asked her mummy 'How old is Granny?' and when she heard I was 66 this year, replied 'There isn't enough room on the card for all those candles'. She did, however, draw me this and I will treasure it.

There were more surprises that evening when the family took me out for a delicious meal. It was the perfect end to a fabulous week.

And now, I must turn my attention to re-joining the Party. I have lots of material for those scrapbook pages.

Have a great Monday!

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