Monday, 3 October 2011

Mail Art Monday

For the past few days, I have been working on a piece of mail art. Mail art is a world-wide culture that began in the early 1960's and as the title suggests, it involves sending a piece of visual art through the mail. If you type 'mail art' into Google, there are an amazing array of images and sites dedicated to this medium.

There is someone I wish to thank and as she is an artist, I hope she will enjoy my first attempts at mail art.  I certainly had a lot of fun collaging various papers and then painting a design on top.  I cannot show you the whole envelope as it contains a name and address, but here is a section of it. Next time, I must remember to take a photograph before writing on the address!

Once I have popped a message inside, I will machine stitch around the edges and entrust it to the Royal Mail to send it on it's way. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this project and am going to make the first Monday of each month a mail art posting day here on my blog. Now, who else do I have to thank?

Until the next time x

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