Monday, 17 October 2011

Family bonds

This time last year, the family spent a wonderful evening together.  It was just a perfect event to scrapbook, and I made this digital page 

I used paislee press serendipity paper and a serendipity vintage scroll stamp.

How different October this year. The past week has been an extremely difficult one. Having my youngest daughter aged 33 so ill that I have become her carer, does not seem to be the correct order of things. Watching her deterioration this year from a bright, happy girl to her present condition, breaks my heart. But there is hope. The PET scan she had this week shows that the steroids she is taking have made a small inroad into her disease.  It's name is Sarcoidosis. My daughter has it in her lungs and bones - a rare combination, apparently - as it usually attacks the lungs+heart/the lungs+head. She contracted pneumonia in November 2010 and we do not know if the Sarcoidosis preceded the pneumonia, or if the pneumonia was the actual causation. The family are incredibly supportive of her and do everything they can to assist.  

My daughter has borne this illness with fortitude and acceptance, and I love her for it. It has been a very bumpy roller-coaster ride and she will continue to be debilitated for quite some time. Her mobility is very limited and the steroids have some particularly awful side effects. It may never go away but re-appear at different times of her life. 


Have a great Monday everyone!

PS I am never sure how much of a personal nature to reveal on my blog. This illness is a huge part of our lives right now and I hope that you will not mind me sharing a part of it with you dear reader. My daughter, after all, is the one who helped me get started with the blog when I failed miserably to understand how to set it up and for that I am extremely grateful.  

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Sian said...

Hi Irene, thank you for visiting my blog! It's lovely to come here at a time when you need support and know that I can cheer you and your daughter on - I had to take a massive dose of steroids many year ago now, but they saved my life. I understand how hard those side effects can be, so your support will mean so much to her and it sounds like you are doing a wonderful jb.