Monday, 26 September 2011

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Over the weekend, I was asked about the art work used in the three photographs that make up my blog banner. Throughout my life, I have 'dabbled' with various mixed media art and crafts, though not a lot of painting.  Mainly, my interests have been more fabric related.  

As a schoolgirl, I did a lot of embroidery. Tablecloths and napkins were my specialty (given as gifts to family members) and lots of handkerchiefs for friends. I progressed to making my own hand-stitched clothes and then my lovely grandmother gave me her old treadle Singer sewing machine when she upgraded to a hand sewing machine. That hand sewing machine later had an electric motor added to it and I still have that original Singer in my possession.

I really have my Grandmother to thank for introducing me to sewing. My mother could knit but bless her, she couldn't even sew on a button. Presented with a very complicated knitting pattern never phased her; a needle and thread made her shudder! 

When my own daughters came along, I made clothes for them, stitched quilts,  made dolls clothes and bedding for their dolls cribs. I joined lots of sewing groups, usually making handicrafts to sell for some charity or other. And all the while, never picked up a paintbrush, although I had loved art at school. 

The years rolled on and I took a City and Guilds course in embroidery and one in patchwork and quilting. Part of the coursework was design related and I enjoyed it immensely. We got to paint! I suppose this was my re-introduction to the satisfaction of holding a paintbrush and the thrill of adding paint to an empty canvas. Add on a few more years, and I now have the time to do justice to those empty canvases. Here's a peek at a recently commenced painting.

I will show you it when it's finished, promise!

So, in answer to your question dear readers, the paintings in the blog banner are all my own work. They were the first three paintings I attempted when I picked up that brush and I hope there will be lots more.

Have a great Monday!

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