Friday, 30 September 2011

Bubble blowing

After school yesterday, when my granddaughter joined her brother, it was so lovely outside we thought we would have some bubble fun.  

My granddaughter created a huge bubble that her brother tried to catch 

And they both managed to scoop up passing bubbles on the bubble wand. They were so pleased! Moments like this are hard to capture but I think their Aunt did a great job of being in charge of the camera. Thanks Auntie R!

A happy Saturday birthday to Gramps (my son-in-law's father). Have a wonderful day!

                                             Nana and Gramps

The weekend is upon us and it looks like the sun is going to carry on shining. I hope it shines on you.                                

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Granny Day!

Just sneaking half an hour on the computer while my grandson is having his after lunch nap. Boy, has he kept me busy this morning! We have played with his trains, took them through the car wash several times, played with his cars, done lots of jigsaw puzzles, looked at story books together, got out the easel and chalks in the garden, bounced on the rebounder, and his favourite of all, having his big sister's pink tent to play in by himself while his sister is at school. All the soft toys have had numerous cups of tea and ice cream (pretend of course!) and now they too are having a nap.

Here is a recent photograph of him looking like a 'cool dude'

And just so his sister isn't forgotten,

Having grandchildren is such a special time. I am so very fortunate to have the opportunity to see mine fairly often. Some of my friends' children and grandchildren live overseas and I know how much they miss them and have to have birthdays and Christmases all rolled into one when they get to visit. 

Today, my granddaughter will also be here after school and no doubt there will be lots of ball games and chasing around the garden this afternoon. Still lots of sunshine today and pleasantly warm. Better look out their sun-hats!

Enjoy your day whatever you are up to.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Going Digital

The world of digital scrapbooking had passed me by until a couple of years ago. Until then, I had always scrapbooked and journaled using photographs, paper and the usual bits and bobs (stuff!) associated with paper crafts.  

About this time, my hands became mildly arthritic and I searched around for alternatives to using material things, like scissors, that were becoming more increasingly difficult to handle.  I chanced upon digital design sites and then sites that were wholly dedicated to digital scrapbooking. There was an enormous scrapbooking industry on the web and I wanted to be a part of it. What a glorious day!

So, what did I do when I want to learn something? Yes, you guessed it, I signed up for a class. I couldn't, at that time, find anything in the UK on the web where classes were offered and, by pure happenstance, I saw that Jessica Sprague in America offered lots of tuition in all things digital. I never looked back! I have been taught by a professional, fun-loving teacher. Her courses are amazing.  I haven't taken them all but I wish I could afford to...  You learn so much. I am now pretty au fait with Photoshop, and am amazed at how much information my old grey cells can remember. 

Following on from yesterday's blog post, here's a double page I digitally scrapped last year about a family holiday

You can click on the image to enlarge it. 

The sun is shining here in the UK, our Indian summer has arrived. I might even take my paint pots outside. 

Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


No-one documents family life better than Ali Edwards. She is the storyteller supreme! She captures family moments using the written word and photographs in her own unique way and I admire her greatly.  Ali is also very generous at creating free digital downloads for her many followers. One of her free downloads is a series called 'Thankful Thought'. It's a photograph overlay that she created some time ago and I can think of no better usage than placing the overlay on a few of my family photographs.

The series has reached number 06, so I have some catching up to do! 

                                My eldest daughter and son-in-law

                                             My grandchildren

                             My younger daughter and son-in-law

If asked to list the most important people in my life, there would be no hesitation on my part.  My two lovely daughters, their incredibly supportive husbands and my two gorgeous grandchildren. 

As with most families, life's path of adventures has been littered with high and low spots, and lots of middle of the road occasions, but the close bond we have always keeps us on the same pathway. And for that, I am so very thankful.

What are you thankful for?  Until tomorrow...

Monday, 26 September 2011

Blog banner

Over the weekend, I was asked about the art work used in the three photographs that make up my blog banner. Throughout my life, I have 'dabbled' with various mixed media art and crafts, though not a lot of painting.  Mainly, my interests have been more fabric related.  

As a schoolgirl, I did a lot of embroidery. Tablecloths and napkins were my specialty (given as gifts to family members) and lots of handkerchiefs for friends. I progressed to making my own hand-stitched clothes and then my lovely grandmother gave me her old treadle Singer sewing machine when she upgraded to a hand sewing machine. That hand sewing machine later had an electric motor added to it and I still have that original Singer in my possession.

I really have my Grandmother to thank for introducing me to sewing. My mother could knit but bless her, she couldn't even sew on a button. Presented with a very complicated knitting pattern never phased her; a needle and thread made her shudder! 

When my own daughters came along, I made clothes for them, stitched quilts,  made dolls clothes and bedding for their dolls cribs. I joined lots of sewing groups, usually making handicrafts to sell for some charity or other. And all the while, never picked up a paintbrush, although I had loved art at school. 

The years rolled on and I took a City and Guilds course in embroidery and one in patchwork and quilting. Part of the coursework was design related and I enjoyed it immensely. We got to paint! I suppose this was my re-introduction to the satisfaction of holding a paintbrush and the thrill of adding paint to an empty canvas. Add on a few more years, and I now have the time to do justice to those empty canvases. Here's a peek at a recently commenced painting.

I will show you it when it's finished, promise!

So, in answer to your question dear readers, the paintings in the blog banner are all my own work. They were the first three paintings I attempted when I picked up that brush and I hope there will be lots more.

Have a great Monday!

Friday, 23 September 2011

looking back

As Autumn fast approaches - cold mornings, leaves falling - I am remembering some summer fun times with the grandchildren. This year, it's not just the seasons changing.  My granddaughter has left her nursery days behind her and started school. In July, she graduated from her nursery and I was privileged to be at the ceremony.  

Throughout the summer, there were lots of water fun times in my garden in the paddling pool and the water buckets!

and a very amusing ride on a model boat with their mother in the driving seat heading for the rapids!

How cute is my grandson in his captain's hat!

Just a few of the many memories I will no doubt be scrapbooking at some stage this Autumn.  I couldn't, however, miss the opportunity to make a card for my granddaughter as she steps out onto the next stage of her school life.

I also gave her an album so that we can write about her first year at school.  She loves to paint and draw and I am looking forward to many happy after school hours with a glue stick, some pretty papers and her wonderful imagination!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 22 September 2011


Over the Summer, I signed up for an art journaling class with Traci Bautista called Inscribed. Along with my new found love of art journaling, a lot of the course is about lettering, something I have always loved. What could be better than having the two combined? 

An unexpected house guest kept me occupied during August but now I am free to pursue the coursework with the intensity it deserves. Traci is a wonderful teacher!  Very thorough and giving in her inspiration and ideas.  The weekly chats are so informative and helpful.  Although I couldn't join in on the prescribed dates, the chats are recorded and can be replayed at one's leisure.  If you have the opportunity to take one of her many classes, you have a wonderful treat in store.  

I have made a start by creating some background pages and practicing the alphabet.  I am using coloured calligraphy pens for my first samples. 

I am loving the shapes the letters are forming and am going to build on them in my journal.  I will show the results in due course on a finished page.

Have a great day!  

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Birthday time!

A couple of weeks ago, my granddaughter had her 5th birthday tea party in my garden. For the party, her parents hired the pinkish bouncy castle I have ever seen.  It was PINK!

Her Aunt and Uncle organised a craft table and the children made lots of crowns, shields, and also decorated fabric butterflies to take home. They loved it!  The Uncle, who is an Art Teacher, was the story teller and the children sat on rugs enthralled by his version of the Princess and the Pea.

The birthday girl's mummy and daddy organised a delicious tea, and a fantastic castle cake (my eldest daughter being a cake maker supreme!), providing a groaning table of delights. The grown ups didn't miss out; lots of Pimms and nibbles for them too!

And then it rained! Indoors for popcorn and ice cream, the cake and a game of pass the parcel. 

The birthday princess.

It was one of the best parties ever.  Here's a peek at the thank you cards we made.

And Thank you for tuning in to my blog!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Over on Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's blog, she is offering a free class, Stencil 101. Such generosity!

I have been following Julie's blog for a couple of months. She is so sharing with her projects and ideas and is great fun in the process. Watch one of her videos (or even lots more!) and I am sure she will bring a smile to your face.

Stencilling is a relatively new medium that I am adding to my art journaling. So different now to the days when I carved into a potato with my daughters. This class should help uncover some of the do's and don'ts. I am enjoying it already. What an inspiration! 

Here's a peek at my work space after lots of stencil practice.

Thank you for joining me.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Where to Begin?

I am about to become a Blogger, having sat on the side lines for too long. I want to join in the fun! This will be a place to share some creative experiences and tidbits of family life. 

Thank you for coming on this journey with me.